About Us

Our journey into plant based health, began a few years ago when we stumbled upon a farm tour for lavender in the small town of Palisade Colorado. The beautiful, enormous purple flowered plants were mesmerizing and the fragrance unforgettable.
We spent the better part of the day learning of the various cultivars, their properties and the differences in culinary verses oil producing plants.
With the guidance of the lavender association and endless hours of research, we learned the art of steam distillation and the production of organic lavender oil.
Today, we have a store and an online shop featuring handmade soaps, lotions, potions, sachets, oil and other lavender based products.
In addition to our love for lavender, there are quilts, cookbooks, collectibles, pottery and other handmade/homemade goods that are dear enough to us to pass along to our valued customers, most of whom are friends and family.
We hope you will look for us at local events.